New Projects

Introducing the Unique and Innovative Anaerobic Digester storage tanks manufactured by Lipp America Tank Systems.

These special combination Carbon steel & Stainless steel above ground tank systems are being introduced into the American market place.

The Medina county “Liverpool WWTP’ working together with Black & Veatch are now currently completing the Expansion of the Treatment plant, which is hoping to be up and in operation by October of this year (2018) The Construction management Company is Overland Contracting, Inc. on site providing all project installation operations.

The project will save approximately $1.5 million annually in plant operating expenditures. As a result, these savings will allow the Medina utility at Liverpool, to complete the project without needing to increase customer rates. The WWTP project replaces the plant’s current biosolids treatment process with a technologically advanced system that boosts performance. The WWTP will be self-sustaining by using a blend of renewable biogas and natural gas to power its operation. The project will benefit wastewater ratepayers through operational savings while lowering the plant’s carbon footprint.

64ft. diameter x 40ft.SWH Digester units with gas collection DMR covers

The total tank construction duration began in August of 2017 and was totally complete by January of 2018. All three tanks are insulated. The Two (2) digesters will have mixing and heating to create gas from  the Treatment plant sub-straight.

Digester interior tank smooth wall – 316L stainless

The treatment plant complex upgrade includes:

• Use of LIPP digesters for anaerobic digestion
• Thermal hydrolysis – the second CambiTHP® installation in the U.S.
• Pre- and post- Digestion dewatering
• Struvite removal and reuse
• Sidestream treatment including bioaugmentation
• Biogas cleaning
• Conversion of existing generators to CHP engines
• High Strength Waste separation and collection

Lipp double fold machine
Strong waste tank - 20ft. diameter x 30ft, SWH

Unique new Product Focus

For the Digestion process – The 64 foot diameter, 800,000 gallon anaerobic digester tanks were selected by the Plant management and Black & Veatch as they conducted their investigation of the Lipp Patented “Double fold stainless steel interior lining system” overmany other above ground steel tanks in the market place. After a full review and consideration, Lipp America tank system was selected to provide two(2) Digesters with Dual membrane gas collection covers and also one 20 foot diameter, 100,000 gallon Strong waste tank, to complete their total storage tank package.

One of the most unique features of the Lipp System is the tank assembly process being completed using a special steel rolling and folding machine on site. This Patented system allows the tank sidewall to be manufactured on site using only this forming machine to spin the tank sidewalls into place. Another feature that attracted the Client was the Interior “316L stainless steel liner plate” that forms a smooth surface to protect against any corrosion and allows the tank to operate for decades with little to no maintenance to the interior surface of the tank.