Steel Tank Applications

The LIPP system can provide storage for all major markets in the water and wastewater arena.

  • -Sludge Storage7
  • -Potable Water
  • -Aeration Storage
  • -Storm Water
  • -Leachate Storage
  • -Clarifiers and Process Treatment
  • -Equalization Tank storage
  • -Surge Mixing Tanks

The LIPP Design Technology offers a variety of benefits to the engineers and owners for all storage markets:

  • -Long operation Life
  • -Very Low initial Capital Cost
  • -Very Low actual maintenance  or operational costs
  • -Quick assembly Times and Low man-hour costs due to minimum personal required
  • -Corrosion Resistance due to the “Verinox” Stainless steel interior lining system

The LIPP system can resist the highly abrasive nature of many industry Liquids that require special interior lining systems. This unique assembly process and cost effective steel manufacturing allows the LIPP storage tank system to be exclusive choice among engineering groups across the worldwide market.  Once the process is explained and understood, then the LIPP tank has become the Engineers/Owners first choice for all storage needs.